Venice Beach, LA

“never go too long without watching a sunset” – Atticus

Reading this quote got me missing the sunset by the beach even more, that’s when I decided for 2018 Summer vacay I had to go to any tourist destinations with beach view.

So I went to Venice Beach, LA it was one life greatest decision ever! Well, you know, being a working adult is hard, just because you don’t have much time to spend on vacation and that’s why you’ve got to choose it wisely.

Stayed at this classic (but not so classy) Cadillac Hotel located right next to the fabulous yet infamous Venice Beach, surrounded by lotsa homeless people (never seen more homeless people than here in LA – sad). Minus the not so pleasant homeless people view, the hotel itself is not bad, I mean, you knoe, you get what you pay. I book with this hotel at the first place is just basically because of its location. Location location location.

I just love Venice, in love with it the first time I step foot on that crazy beautiful Venice Boardwalk, with all of the souvenirs stores, street foods, restaurants, street performers and most of all the street artists making street arts, they were all amazing!

What really got me into coming to Venice the first place was The Tiny Canal Cottage. Boy am I glad I followed her on instagram. She lives in this most wonderful neighborhood called Venice Canal Historic District

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