Miami, FL

Mags take Miami! Even just for a week πŸ˜‚

Stayed at the newly renovated historic hotel in South Beach called Hotel Breakwater located right infront of the famous South beach of Miami, Florida. A tourist paradise for 21ers and above (not too old or old but with young spirit) 😬 just because most hotel along the Ocean Drive are all attached with non-stop super loud music 24/7.

It was last week in April 2014 when I was here, so I figured it would be a nice weather down there considering in Iowa where I live was still kind of cold, around 35 degrees. But boy was I wrong! Yes it was nice, it was 72 degrees but since I’ve been spending the longest winter in Iowa, the Spring in Miami felt like hell the first day I arrived.

Living in Iowa for sometimes with no sea, ocean and all make me misses the white sandy beach so very much, and so what I did on most of my vacation time was to laying on the beach under the big umbrella while admiring the beautiful sea view.

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