Hang in there! We’re halfway there!

Yep! Couldn’t say it better. Just gotta hang!

How’s everyone doing by the way? No worries, all of us all over the globe is pretty much doing the same thing, doing our part to stop the spread of this horrible super tiny thingy and help safe life. Mostly by staying at home, of course 🙂

It started to get harder everyday, isn’t it? I feel you. I am the same, it’s been a week and I don’t think I can do it any longer but just gotta power through! Yesterday was the first time in a week where I walked out of my crib for like 5 minutes just to check on the mail. Crazy ha?

What about you? What you do to kill time? Watching too much news? Where 90% of it were all bad? And go you even more depressed? I tried to keep my distance in absorbing it but somehow it got me, it gave me anxiety throughout my body not my mind, since I keep trying to stay calm by doing some cleaning and making lotsa arts. Funny how it works.

Anyway, I’m not going to bore you with all thing about the super tiny thingy and its domino effect to our life, love ones and society. I’m just hoping that everyone who’s reading thing this are in good health and at peace.

About the making art that keeping me busy and sane, so I joined the quarantine challenge by an art gallery in Pennsylvania and so far it makes me look forward to wake up in the morning everyday and see what they got for the challenge and working my creative ideas on how I wanna put it into drawing or painting. You know as an artist there are moments where you just blank and don’t even know where to start the first line.

Here are the 6 artworks that I created over the first 6 days of quarantine:

Left to Right
Challenge Day 1: Circle – My Art Title: Lonely Bunny
Challenge Day 2: Spring – My Art Title: First Day of Spring
Challenge Day 3: Books – My Art Title: Never Judge A Book By Its Cover
Challenge Day 4: Friendship – My Art Title: I Am My Only Friends
Challenge Day 5: Purple – My Art Title: Purple Fairy
Challenge Day 6: Water – My Art Title: Fishbowl Mermaid

I’ll be posting the second half portion of this quarantine once it done. We’ll make it through!

Stay Safe&Sane, StayHappy&Healthy!
Stay at Home, Save Lives

If you like any of my artworks here you may please check these sites out:
Shop at Society6 – https://society6.com/milkywaymaggie
Shop at RedBubble – https://www.redbubble.com/people/milkywaymaggie

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