Quarantine Art and Thoughts, Day 21: Stay Happy

Stay Happy is my life motto, my tag for this website is StayHappy, I even got a tattoo on my inner right arm facing me written in Greek (the translation might me wrong) as a self reminder to Stay Happy. I greet people and wish them StayHappy. As possible as I can I use StayHappy every-time of every-day.

To me being/staying happy is important, why? well, what’s the point of continue living if you’re not? what about you?

So now that we are all here, adjusting to the “new normal” that made us crazier and even more depress everyday, I hope we all could find some kind of inner peace that will keep us sane and still be thankful for whatever reason (there’s always something to be thankful for).

Someday it will all make sense.

I made this artwork on my day 10 of quarantine art challenge that I followed and made me happy since I get to do some art everyday with different theme, it gave me purpose, something to look forward to, even just buy stay at home. The theme for this piece is Sunshine, what do you think?

Stay Happy

Story behind the artwork:
A human is happy watering her flowers and plants in her tiny indoor garden in her tiny but chic apartment with stunning view of the ocean, volcano and sunrise. On her wall there are couple of cute wall-arts and one is a typography written Stay Happy 🙂

If you like my artwork here you may please check these sites out:
Shop at Society6 – https://society6.com/milkywaymaggie
Shop at RedBubble – https://www.redbubble.com/people/milkywaymaggie

and perhaps buy me a CottonCandy IceCream sometime,
here: https://ko-fi.com/milkywaymaggie
some of my artworks also available here for digital download if you’re interested https://ko-fi.com/milkywaymaggie/commissions

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