Quarantine Art and Thoughts, day 23: Oblivion

Just today my guy told me that it felt like we’re in the Zoo minus the visitors and without the zoo keeper who take care and feed us. I also saw Ellen today and she said, we’re like in jail. I dunno which one is better/worse.

Saw some people panicking over another news that says this pandemic might last for two years. I mean why panic? We should know better, not to act like I know everything but then, over 100 years ago some other people gone through this before, and it lasted that long, with ugly aftermath.
Why don’t people study or read stuffs? Wiki is just one click away, it’s not like you gotta find the renowned philosopher for the answers or go to the library. This kind of thing happened before and written, the one so called History?
Why do people keep on making the same mistake?
Why does history repeated itself?
Why can’t we learn from other people mistake?
Why do we have to make our own mistake?
Why don’t people listen? If only we stop talking even for just a little and star listening, things will be different, I think.
Sighs… I thought we’ll have better luck with the technologies that exist in this 22nd century, but I guess we’re not, just because many of us are just ignorance, but I’m still hoping, that we’ll know better and we’ll get better.

Just now I finished making this quarantine art challenge for day 23 with theme “family”


Story behind this artwork:
This is me in my tiny apartment looking through the mirror with my thoughts, no facial expression just because I don’t really know how I feel about this new normal… 😶
If you see through the mirror, you can see a volcano, a shy sun and a coconut tree. Well I live in Midwest, so such thing don’t exist, but you can find those things in my homeland, the tropical island, I drew those since I’ve been thinking a lot about home any family, from what’s happening in this world todays being away from them for far and for way too long doesn’t do me good.
One pillow says “HOPE Springs Eternal” an idea that I always like to have during the toughest time, yep, one can only hope…
I’m naturally a happy-go-lucky person, I live at the present, so no matter what I’ll always try to find those happy colors and elements in life to keep me sane.

Oh well, don’t lose Hope and Stay Happy all!
– M

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