Quarantine Drink Drink, day 33: French Roast with French Press

Here’s the link for its moving picture:

Do you drink coffee everyday?
Well, I do, but not on my period (sorry, too much information to begin with heehe)
From what I know most people need coffee to wake-up in the morning and be ready for their day, which mean they can’t function before coffee and that’s why instant coffee is so popular and any machine or coffee house who can get it ready a.s.a.p. are what everybody needed.

Not like most people, I’m a morning person, but I like coffee, especially dark roast. I like to drink it dark or with whole milk (no sugar tho!)
For me drinking coffee is an experience to enjoy yourself in the morning before reality hit you in the head, you know.
So I’ve been making my coffee for years with French Press only.
Here’s how I make it:

French Roast with French Press
– a Dark Roast Coffee (12oz)

1spoon Ground French Roast – I just love ‘em dark roast, the darker the better
2oz Whole Milk – unfortunately I’m lactose intolerant, but luckily this lactose-free whole milk is yummy yumm!
10oz Boiled Hot Water – make sure the kettle whistle before you pick it up 🙂

Step By Step:
– Boil the water
– While waiting for it to be boiled, pour a good pour one spoon Ground French Roast into the French Press
– Microwave the whole milk for 30 seconds to have it nice and warm then pour it in the coffee cup/glass/mug
– Once the water ready, pour it into the French Press then stir it good until mixed with the wooden spoon (why wooden spoon? Because we want the heat/temperature to stay as long as it can)
– Then let it steep for about 4 minutes, but I like mine steep longer like 10-15 minutes, so it’s up to your preference, the longer the stronger. Get you a timer if needed
– Last but not least, once pressed, pour it into your cup using the superfine stainer and there you have it, a nice cuppa joe
– Voila!

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