Art & Thoughts: Uncertain


Do you feel it too?

Nothing is quite the same anymore.

I drew this illustration of a closed huge gate at the end of pine trees road that can be seen from a lake where it reflections reflected on the water as my expression of how I feel toward this new normal. I think it pretty much sums it.

The uncertainty, about the future…

Some days I pictured the gate open and I can see sunshine and rainbow, some days I pictured it open and it’s all full with dark forces. But that’s not the worst part, the worst is when I pictured it can’t be opened even when I’d tried so hard banging on it to open…

13 Best Grocery Store Coffees – Dark Roast only

Here’s the link for its moving picture:

If you know me, you know I love love loved Dark Roast coffee so very much. Wanna knoe why? Cause it smells wonderful and tasted delicious.

Here are 13 best or my favorite Dark Roast coffees that can be found at most grocery stores in the US:

Wanna knoe more? Thought you never ask! 😛

Laughing Man – Colombia Huila
Dark. Smoky. Sweet. This exceptional dark roast blend boasts an intense black cherry sweetness and a dark chocolate finish for a wonderful, zestful cup.

1850 Folger – Black Gold
Notes of sweet dark cocoa in every sip. Discover the complexity, body, and strength of bold, steel-cut Arabica beans.

Dunkin’ Donuts – Dunkin’ Dark
Smooth with a robust finish. This deliciously dark roast lets you make a bold statement with each sip.

Cameron’s – French Roast
This classic French Roast is dark and rich, but never bitter.

Seattle’s Best – 6th Avenue Bistro
Roasty and balanced, with a hint of chocolate. A bold and roasty blend of premium beans that brews up a perfectly balanced cup of coffee. Perfect for people who appreciate something that’s smooth, strong, and a great start to your day.

Green Mountain – Dark Magic
Bold, deep, intense. A spellbinding sunrises.

Peace Tree – Tree Hugger
Nutty & Adventurous. A dark, soft and smooth, with toasted walnut, vanilla, caramelized sugar aroma and tasted like molasses, smoky, chocolate brownie.

City Girl – Sumatra
Deep, rich, earthy, smooth and spicy with hints of fruit.

Peet’s Coffee – Major Dickason’s Blend
Rich, smooth, and complex, with a very full body and multi-layered character.

Gevalia Kaffe – French Roast
Full-bodied flavor, intensely dark and complex with a surprising smooth finish.

Mash-Up – Sumatra + Peru
Bold and smoky with sweet stone fruit, chocolate and floral tones.
The strength and spiciness of Sumatra meet the perfect milk chocolate counterpart when paired with coffee in St. Martin, Peru.

Caribou – French Roast
Smoky and rich, with levels of sophistication matched only by its drinker. It’s Caribou’s take on a classic — and it’s a classic for a reason.

Sam’s Choice – Sumatra Mandheling
Sumatra Mandheling Ground Coffee is a dark-roasted, full-bodied ground coffee with low acidity and herbal aroma. It is grown three to five thousand feet above sea level on steep volcanic slopes in the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The fertile volcanic soil and the tropical climate contributes to its distinct earthy flavor, which fades away to a taste of chocolate and spice in the mouth. Additionally, this organic product is naturally healthy and free from harmful additives.

So, what about you?
What’s your favorite?
Care to share?

Quarantine Art & Thoughts, day 38: Stay Positive

I know it’s hard to stay positive nowadays, everything is sucks for fork-shake! Sigh 😦
Let’s just try so stay calm and breathe….

I keep thinking and saying that things will get better but even I’m not so sure. Maybe it won’t, maybe it will, guess we can only wait and see while doing our part by staying at home and be grateful, just because even when what we’re in is dull somehow but boy I tell you, out-there there are many unfortunate souls which live is a living hell.
So help (donate) and spread love whenever you can.

I can’t really do nothing much since I’ve lost my job from the beginning of this quarantine (no thanks to you virus!). At least I still can stand on my own, I don’t know until when, but I’ll give it a good fight.

So maybe things will not get better but I’m sure we all be okay.

Stay Safe & Sane, Happy & Healthy!

Stay Positive! 🙂

Quarantine Drink Drink, day 35: Thai Iced Tea

Here’s the link for its moving picture:

Have you heard about Thai Iced Tea? Do you like ‘em?
I love me some Thai Ice Tea!
It’s always nice to have it with your meal when you’re dining out at a Thai restaurant, oh talking about eating out, I don’t think any of us can do it anytime soon 😦
Anyway, back to the tea (before my mind drifted again), whenever I miss drinking it, I’ll make it myself at home, let me show you how!
There are 3 ways in making it here they are:

Thai Iced Tea
16oz Cold Beverage with ice

⬇️⬇️ ⬇️⬇️ ⬇️⬇️
Left to Right: Pantai – Nara – Wangderm

First with Nara Instant Thai Tea Drink (the middle one)
Just like its name, to make this this tea is instant, you just pour one whole package into a 10oz glass then pour it with the hot boiled water.
This the easiest to make but my least favorite.

Second with Wangderm Authentic Thai Iced Tea (the one the right)
Steep it in a 10oz hot boiled water for 4-5 minutes (or as long as you like, I like mine longer for stronger taste) then add Sweetened Condensed Milk to make it sweet (or sugar if you like sugar better), and then stir it well. I like this one quite alright since it’s pretty easy to make and tasty.

Third with Pantai Thai Tea Mix (the one on the left)
So you need a French Press for steeping and straining.
Pour a good spoon of the Thai tea mix into the press the pour the 10oz hot boiled water, let it steep for 4 minutes or longer then press it once done and pour it out with superfine strainer into a glass, add Sweetened Condensed as desire then stir it well. Harder to make but the most delicious! I think most Thai Resto who serve yummy Thai Iced Tea are using this brand.

All Thai Iced Tea are better drink cold (you can tell from its name), so let it stay in the room temperature for sometime then add-on ice once ready to be enjoy 🙂

Quarantine Drink Drink, day 33: French Roast with French Press

Here’s the link for its moving picture:

Do you drink coffee everyday?
Well, I do, but not on my period (sorry, too much information to begin with heehe)
From what I know most people need coffee to wake-up in the morning and be ready for their day, which mean they can’t function before coffee and that’s why instant coffee is so popular and any machine or coffee house who can get it ready a.s.a.p. are what everybody needed.

Not like most people, I’m a morning person, but I like coffee, especially dark roast. I like to drink it dark or with whole milk (no sugar tho!)
For me drinking coffee is an experience to enjoy yourself in the morning before reality hit you in the head, you know.
So I’ve been making my coffee for years with French Press only.
Here’s how I make it:

French Roast with French Press
– a Dark Roast Coffee (12oz)

1spoon Ground French Roast – I just love ‘em dark roast, the darker the better
2oz Whole Milk – unfortunately I’m lactose intolerant, but luckily this lactose-free whole milk is yummy yumm!
10oz Boiled Hot Water – make sure the kettle whistle before you pick it up 🙂

Step By Step:
– Boil the water
– While waiting for it to be boiled, pour a good pour one spoon Ground French Roast into the French Press
– Microwave the whole milk for 30 seconds to have it nice and warm then pour it in the coffee cup/glass/mug
– Once the water ready, pour it into the French Press then stir it good until mixed with the wooden spoon (why wooden spoon? Because we want the heat/temperature to stay as long as it can)
– Then let it steep for about 4 minutes, but I like mine steep longer like 10-15 minutes, so it’s up to your preference, the longer the stronger. Get you a timer if needed
– Last but not least, once pressed, pour it into your cup using the superfine stainer and there you have it, a nice cuppa joe
– Voila!

Quarantine Drink Drink, day 32: Tequila Maggie

Here’s the link for its moving picture:

Tequila Maggie
– mixed drink (cocktail) in 8oz rock glass

1pc Lime to make lime slices
0.5oz Tequila
3.5oz Ginger Ale
Enough Ice Cubes

Step By Step:
– muddle couple slices of Lime
– top with Ice Cubes
– pour the Tequila
– then pour the Ginger Ale
– stir it for good mix
– then, voila!

Quarantine Art & Thoughts, day 27: Toon Me

So I’ve been having fun turning people into cartoon (by request).
Don’t you think it wouldn be nice to live in animated world? with pretty colors and cute faces… away from virus…
yeah, I would 🙂

Here they are, what do you think?

I’ll turn you to toon too if you want me to 🙂
Just lemme knoe!


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