Art & Thoughts: Uncertain


Do you feel it too?

Nothing is quite the same anymore.

I drew this illustration of a closed huge gate at the end of pine trees road that can be seen from a lake where it reflections reflected on the water as my expression of how I feel toward this new normal. I think it pretty much sums it.

The uncertainty, about the future…

Some days I pictured the gate open and I can see sunshine and rainbow, some days I pictured it open and it’s all full with dark forces. But that’s not the worst part, the worst is when I pictured it can’t be opened even when I’d tried so hard banging on it to open…

Quarantine Art & Thoughts, day 38: Stay Positive

I know it’s hard to stay positive nowadays, everything is sucks for fork-shake! Sigh 😦
Let’s just try so stay calm and breathe….

I keep thinking and saying that things will get better but even I’m not so sure. Maybe it won’t, maybe it will, guess we can only wait and see while doing our part by staying at home and be grateful, just because even when what we’re in is dull somehow but boy I tell you, out-there there are many unfortunate souls which live is a living hell.
So help (donate) and spread love whenever you can.

I can’t really do nothing much since I’ve lost my job from the beginning of this quarantine (no thanks to you virus!). At least I still can stand on my own, I don’t know until when, but I’ll give it a good fight.

So maybe things will not get better but I’m sure we all be okay.

Stay Safe & Sane, Happy & Healthy!

Stay Positive! 🙂