Orlando, FL

Spent one of the hottest week of Summer 2013 in Orlando, it was a bad bad idea! Still so much fun tho! Thanks to Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort 🙂

Here are the fun days in Orlando:

Day 1: Checking-in at the resort then enjoying a fun evening around International Dr. and ate a ton at Boston Lobster Feast (world famous all you can eat seafood)

Day 2: Disney Magic Kingdom

Day3: Disney Hollywood Studio and EPCOT

Day 4: Universal Studio and Islands of Adventure

Day 5: Shopping at The Mall at Millenia
Of course it took a day to shop! and it still not enough 😜

Day 6: SeaWorld Orlando

Day 7: Checking-out, back to reality

What kind of Traveler are you?

I don’t do travel as much as I wanted to since I’m a working adult and sadly my work doesn’t required me to travel 😐 how I envy those people who travel work or make a living from traveling 😒

On my 20es, I used to travel a lot a lot for work it almost drive me insane, funny how I kind of miss it now, guess that’s just human, never satisfied and always wanted what we don’t have.

Imagine having to have only a week or two to be spent on a nice vacation, pretty sad ha?

Therefore, once a year I make sure to get a week getaway to a place that would revive my passion for living, not that I don’t have a life, but a vacay is always good for my body and soul 🙃

So back to my question, what kind of traveler are you?

You want me to answer my question first? Alright then! Here it goes…

I’m the kind of traveler who would rather stay in one place and enjoy its surrounding to the fullest, understand its people and culture and hopefully making new friends or just to have a nice long conversations with nice strangers much rather than hopping from a place to another within each day or even worse just within hours like some of those travelers whose travel Europe for a week and jumping from a country to another within hours for a shake of few photographs or videos at tourist places (landmarks) so that they can share it on their social media without even understand the locals and understand it cultures. Not that I think it’s stupid but somehow it’s kind of bizarre.

I understand in our adult prime condition we don’t have much time or budget to spend on travel, therefore, I think every adult traveler should plan it ahead (just like for other/all things in life) of where they want to go, like make a list of countries to visit before 30, before 40, before 50 and so on. Just because there are places and stuffs that are much better to do when you’re young rather than old, vice versa.

For example, on your 20es you can go to some party islands that closest to your home country, since you still young and have all the youthful energy but not the money. On your 30es you can go to some countries where the luxury and adventures combined, you can now afford a better accommodation and spend money on more stuffs like do more outdoor activities, shop some cute souvenirs, candlelit dinner in fancy restaurants. You could really experience all these since you’re energy still pretty good and you got money! On your 40es, most of you will be married with kids, things are settled, this is the time when you can do those family vacations to places that are kids friendly like Disneyland, National Parks. On your 50es, you are loaded but don’t have as much energy for some outdoor crazy adventures but still wanted to see the world, the cruise will be the best option, this floating giant vessel got everything! and to see the world with it it’s even better, you could take a two weeks trip or a month or even forever! You got all the time in the world, remember?