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Endymion is a poem by John Keats first published in 1818 by Taylor and Hessey of Fleet Street in London. It begins with the line “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever”.

I remember vividly looking at this words written on a fine peace of art at my GrandPa desk when I was little, back then I didn’t know what’s the meaning, but I think I knew what joy is. These words somehow grew on me, I grew up and liking cute happy stuffs as it gave me joy 😊

Now that I’m all grown up, by the end of year I decided to start making/creating more joyous artsy artworks and share it with all of you guys, in hope it’ll bring you happiness too!

Here are a few of my recent works that’s available for you to purchase at my tiny art store

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A Gal can! Yep! Not to say that I’m a feminist, but I’m proud of being one 🙂
By the end of last year, I started to create, design, paint and draw more artsy artworks that might pleases your eyes and give you joy, and hoping you’ll decided to go (click on the link in the pics) and shop some of those for yourself to make you happy or to give it to someone specials to make them happier 🙂

Small Space Christmas Decor

Cheers! 🥂

To the most wonderful time of the year!

What’s your favorite part of the holiday season? Getting a gift or two or three? Mine would be Christmas decorating 😊

So I’ve been living in this small one bedroom apartment for years now and this year is my 9th time decorating, boy I tell you it’s getting harder and harder each year, just because I can’t buy more stuff since I don’t have much space for it. Therefore, I’m very careful in finding and buying tiny stuff here and there.

I usually put out my Christmas decor a day after Thanksgiving and have it out until the last day of the 12 days of Christmas (yes, it’s not Dec 25 but Jan 5 for those of you who don’t know) 😬

Let’s have a look at my Christmas decor this year! Will you?

Santa Hat, Angel, Rudolf headband, Love pennants and self-made Red balls macrame.

Tiny Christmas tree with one color lights and puffy balls ornaments, The Nutcracker and Tiny Santa carrying a giant bag of presents.

Red M gifts stocking.

Tiny White Christmas Tree and Snow Reindeer with Plaid scarf.

Mistletoe on self-made hanging round stuff.

Polar Bear wall-art, Christmas candle and White Christmas Trees pant jar.

Tinier Christmas Tree with Snowman lights.

What do you think? Pretty simple and subtle ha 😊


As much as I like to travel and see places, I love love loved being home in a nice and cozy tiny place. The last 8 years I’ve been living in this not old nor modern one bedroom town house and I have no complaints.