Orlando, FL

Spent one of the hottest week of Summer 2013 in Orlando, it was a bad bad idea! Still so much fun tho! Thanks to Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort πŸ™‚

Here are the fun days in Orlando:

Day 1: Checking-in at the resort then enjoying a fun evening around International Dr. and ate a ton at Boston Lobster Feast (world famous all you can eat seafood)

Day 2: Disney Magic Kingdom

Day3: Disney Hollywood Studio and EPCOT

Day 4: Universal Studio and Islands of Adventure

Day 5: Shopping at The Mall at Millenia
Of course it took a day to shop! and it still not enough 😜

Day 6: SeaWorld Orlando

Day 7: Checking-out, back to reality

What kind of Traveler are you?

I don’t do travel as much as I wanted to since I’m a working adult and sadly my work doesn’t required me to travel 😐 how I envy those people who travel work or make a living from traveling πŸ˜’

On my 20es, I used to travel a lot a lot for work it almost drive me insane, funny how I kind of miss it now, guess that’s just human, never satisfied and always wanted what we don’t have.

Imagine having to have only a week or two to be spent on a nice vacation, pretty sad ha?

Therefore, once a year I make sure to get a week getaway to a place that would revive my passion for living, not that I don’t have a life, but a vacay is always good for my body and soul πŸ™ƒ

So back to my question, what kind of traveler are you?

You want me to answer my question first? Alright then! Here it goes…

I’m the kind of traveler who would rather stay in one place and enjoy its surrounding to the fullest, understand its people and culture and hopefully making new friends or just to have a nice long conversations with nice strangers much rather than hopping from a place to another within each day or even worse just within hours like some of those travelers whose travel Europe for a week and jumping from a country to another within hours for a shake of few photographs or videos at tourist places (landmarks) so that they can share it on their social media without even understand the locals and understand it cultures. Not that I think it’s stupid but somehow it’s kind of bizarre.

I understand in our adult prime condition we don’t have much time or budget to spend on travel, therefore, I think every adult traveler should plan it ahead (just like for other/all things in life) of where they want to go, like make a list of countries to visit before 30, before 40, before 50 and so on. Just because there are places and stuffs that are much better to do when you’re young rather than old, vice versa.

For example, on your 20es you can go to some party islands that closest to your home country, since you still young and have all the youthful energy but not the money. On your 30es you can go to some countries where the luxury and adventures combined, you can now afford a better accommodation and spend money on more stuffs like do more outdoor activities, shop some cute souvenirs, candlelit dinner in fancy restaurants. You could really experience all these since you’re energy still pretty good and you got money! On your 40es, most of you will be married with kids, things are settled, this is the time when you can do those family vacations to places that are kids friendly like Disneyland, National Parks. On your 50es, you are loaded but don’t have as much energy for some outdoor crazy adventures but still wanted to see the world, the cruise will be the best option, this floating giant vessel got everything! and to see the world with it it’s even better, you could take a two weeks trip or a month or even forever! You got all the time in the world, remember?

Miami, FL

Mags take Miami! Even just for a week πŸ˜‚

Stayed at the newly renovated historic hotel in South Beach called Hotel Breakwater located right infront of the famous South beach of Miami, Florida. A tourist paradise for 21ers and above (not too old or old but with young spirit) 😬 just because most hotel along the Ocean Drive are all attached with non-stop super loud music 24/7.

It was last week in April 2014 when I was here, so I figured it would be a nice weather down there considering in Iowa where I live was still kind of cold, around 35 degrees. But boy was I wrong! Yes it was nice, it was 72 degrees but since I’ve been spending the longest winter in Iowa, the Spring in Miami felt like hell the first day I arrived.

Living in Iowa for sometimes with no sea, ocean and all make me misses the white sandy beach so very much, and so what I did on most of my vacation time was to laying on the beach under the big umbrella while admiring the beautiful sea view.

New York, NY

The city that never sleep with lights so bright but it’s never blinding.

Was here four times in 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017 and wanted more. This concrete jungle is very fascinating. All the rush and excitement in very avenues and street from uptown to downtown, east to west, it got everything!
This city is an international country.

Here are my FUN in NY:

Time Square – could spend hours sitting on the stairs just watching people and billboards, fascinating! 😲

One Fall Afternoon in Time Square, NY

Empire State Building – was here twice (more than enough) on wrong days since both was on one of the coldest Fall days πŸ₯Ά

Observation Deck, Empire State Building

Liberty Island – third time a charm, even the New Yorkers don’t go to see the Lady Liberty as much πŸ˜…

Lonely Lady Liberty

MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art) – Starry Night by Van Gogh stole my heart in a beat πŸ–ΌπŸ˜

Starry Night, Van Gogh at MoMA

Rockefeller Center – Top of The Rock – a 360 view of NYC’s skyline, superb! I was here at night on the first day of Spring, which means it’s still kinda cold when you’re outside on the 70th floor 😱

View from Top of The Rock

Central Park – The great park of NYC that’s pretty much in every movies shoots in NY. I’m not sure if I manage to wander around the park since it’s huge. The first stroll was in sweet November on the rickshaw ride (sadly not a coach) and the second one was in a snowy Spring day by walk.

NY Chinatown – where to find the delicious foods? in Chinatown of course! It doesn’t have to be hygiene or healthy nor gluten free right?! As long as it’s yummy! πŸ˜‹

Tiffany & Co. at 5th Ave. – who’s a sucker for “Breakfast at Tiffany”? 🀚 there I was walking in into this glamours turquoise store on the corner of the street fulfilling my inner Audrey Hepburn.

Venice Beach, LA

“never go too long without watching a sunset” – Atticus

Reading this quote got me missing the sunset by the beach even more, that’s when I decided for 2018 Summer vacay I had to go to any tourist destinations with beach view.

So I went to Venice Beach, LA it was one life greatest decision ever! Well, you know, being a working adult is hard, just because you don’t have much time to spend on vacation and that’s why you’ve got to choose it wisely.

Stayed at this classic (but not so classy) Cadillac Hotel located right next to the fabulous yet infamous Venice Beach, surrounded by lotsa homeless people (never seen more homeless people than here in LA – sad). Minus the not so pleasant homeless people view, the hotel itself is not bad, I mean, you knoe, you get what you pay. I book with this hotel at the first place is just basically because of its location. Location location location.

I just love Venice, in love with it the first time I step foot on that crazy beautiful Venice Boardwalk, with all of the souvenirs stores, street foods, restaurants, street performers and most of all the street artists making street arts, they were all amazing!

What really got me into coming to Venice the first place was The Tiny Canal Cottage. Boy am I glad I followed her on instagram. She lives in this most wonderful neighborhood called Venice Canal Historic District

Key West, Florida

Omg! Once you landed at its Conch Republic Airport you know for sure you’re in a different kind of USA, the kind where it’s very laid back, like the time stop here.

Conch Republic Airport

I was here somewhere in late Spring 2017 for a whole week and wouldn’t leave if I could. And that’s how much I loved this Southernmost paradise.

Here are places that I went and I think you should too!

South[ernmost] Beach
I spent every single day here playing in the water and laying on the beach, with its perfect 85 degrees weather, hell yeah!

The famous Duval Street
This street is like the tiny version of the Vegas Strip. So many things happening here, 24 hours period.
Form the yummiest homemade alcoholic gelato ever made to the sloppiest Joe ever.

Mallory Square
More like a market for tourist where you get to see and wanted to buy souvenirs from the local
artists, from handmade jewelries to hand made t-shirts.

Sunset Pier
So happy to see the beauty of sunset again, it was my first sunset in five years. Here you get to see some of the most amazing street performances while waiting for the pretty pretty sunset.

Key West Aquarium
It’s always love-hate feelings whenever I go to the zoo or aquarium and such, but at this place it was mostly hate, perhaps because I was sad with the size of where they keep them fish just for show was just way too tiny. I hope the fish and friends there got a better place

Truman Little White House
Named after the only US President who enjoyed being in Key West and made himself a tiny White House in this paradise key.

The Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum
Loved every single thing here but the cats and its graves (I’m never a cat lady)

Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park
Pretty cool fort, I just can’t stand the giant iguanas that invested this place hehe.
The white rocky beach is also very nice for swimming or sunbathing.

Tropic Cinema
A retro movie theater that serve alcohol, hell yeah! Watched one of the Avengers movie here.

Southernmost Point
Excited to take my picture next to the point here like everyone else, but not too excited about the line, it took 30 minutes and once it’s your turn, you will feel like the other people are rushing you, so you gotta take it fast, so I’m pretty sure everyone ended up having a so so picture here.

Key West Cemetery
Who plans to go and see a cemetery when you’re on vacation? I bet no one! But since the hotel I’d stayed was on the way to the places I went therefore I did went and see it. It was interesting just because the design was different from most cemetery in the US, I think it was because of the Spanish and Portuguese influences.

Higgs Beach Dog Park
Don’t have no dog but always wanted to have one. Seeing the dogs here being happy by the sea with their human buddies made me very happy! I’d get to see some with chickens wandering around too! Only in Key West!

Edward B. Knight Pier
It gets you closer to the water hehe

Las Vegas, NEVADA

“We’ll always have Vegas…”  so they say or I like to say, Vegas will always me.
The Strip by Night

Been here 4 times, in Fall 2009, Spring 2015, Summer 2017, Spring 2019 and still wanted more! It just, never a dull moment here in Vegas. It got so much to over! Especially when you are over 21 πŸ˜‰

Here are the things that I did during those trips and I think you should too!

Casino Hopping

I luv The Strips so much it hurts, when you loose from playing those amusing Slot Machines or some fun table games like Three Cards Poker, Roulette or Craps, or by shopping any necessary to unnecessary stuffs. Eating lunch or dinner in fancy Italian or Japanese restaurant. All of this can be discover on your Casino hoping adventure, from Fashion Show Mall to Mandala Bay and back from Tropicana to Wynn/Encore.

GO watch some shows!

If only I could go and watch ever one of them, I really would.

Here are some of the amazing and spectacular show that I’d seen:

Thunder from Down Under at Excalibur – ladies, prepare to be wow by these Australian studs. The look, the body, the dancing and the accent, these boys will definitely fulfill your wildest dreams, I’m sure mine did! Specially when you got pick from the crowd for some steamy lap dance on stage with the hottest Ryan. Hands behind your back and thighs open.

Blue Men at Monte Carlo (back in 2015, but now I think they moved to Luxor)

Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil at Mandalay Bay – Omg! It feels like the king of pop himself was doing the performance, thanks to the super cool holographic technology, and the circus people they were amazing, with all of those crazy acrobatics moves, mind blowing.

TIESTO at Hakkasan (MGM) – the best DJ ever! all the way from Netherlands to Vegas. He’s been keeping the party lit since 1994.

BAZ Star Crossed Love at Palazzo – The Great Gatsby, Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge on one stage presented beautifully in a live drama musical by beautiful and talented your artists, imagine that!

Backstreet Boys – Larger Than Life at Planet Hollywood – the most epic live performance that I ever seen and I love them boys dearly, especially Kevin, so it was a dream came true. Bucket list checked!

David Copperfield at MGM Grand – the best magician of the century will never let you down, it was magical, surreal!

Ricky Martin – ALL IN at Monte Carlo – don’t know or understand half of his songs in Espanol but hell yeah, I love him long time and he’s damn sexy in his 45.

DJ Snake at XS (Encore) – I wasn’t actually there to see him, it was for KYGO, but since he canceled guess this France DJ would do, he’s been doing fine since 2009.

Rob Schneider – You Can Do It at Tropicana – guess you just couldn’t and wouldn’t stop laughing in the Laugh Factory. It was my first time seeing a stand-up comedy live, and I’m sure happy as hell that it was Rob. 90 minutes went by too darn fast when you are laughing nonstop like crazy.

Le RΓͺve – The Dream at Wynn

The most spectacular circus show that I’ve ever seen! This show is a must see! You’ll get to see all thing that you eve